Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Non-Judgment and Faith

I am Non-Judgment. By this I mean there is the Me that accept all that I am being without judgment. I have written elsewhere that, for me, writing is practising self-acceptance. The computer accepts everything I write without judgment. If I choose to edit what I've written, that's fine; If I choose to delete the article, that's also fine; whatever I believe is fine with the computer. The freedom to be myself in every way possible is non-judgment. With this freedom I can examine my beliefs and change my mind as I see fit.

I used to be a BIG anti-smoker. I hated smoking with a vengeance. I had no problem with people choosing to smoke but I didn't like the idea that they were imposing their habit on me. I also believed smoking was bad for one's health. While I wasn't actively campaigning against passive smoking I was thinking about it. I wanted smoking banned in all public places. I used to travel mostly by tube (underground) and overground trains. (I've only been travelling on buses over the last five years). Nothing pissed me off more than being forced to travel in a smoking carriage because the non-smoking carriages were already crowded. Eventually, smoking was banned in all public transports though in the case of the tube, people could smoke while entering the station. It was only after the Kings Cross fire, which may have been caused by a lighted match, that smoking was banned in all sections of the tube station.

Now that smoking was banned in public transports did that make me happy? Not particularly because people were still smoking in public places. Technically, I was still passive-smoking. I also knew I couldn't take away people's right to smoke. While I was trying to sort this out in my head, that part of me that is Non-Judgment accepted my beliefs anyway.

Then I started examining my beliefs about smoking. Is it true smoking is bad for one's health? There was a lot of evidence of people who had "died" from the effects of cigarette smoking - active or passive. Was the evidence true? This is when I had to delve deeper into what I truly believe. Before I go any further, let me examine where faith fits into this.

While I do believe in walking by faith and not by sight, I don't believe in blind faith. I'm from the old school of "seeing is believing." By "seeing" I don't mean what we perceive with the physical senses but seeing beyond appearances. If I can't see it I won't believe in it, it's that simple. I was brought up a Christian. As soon as I was considered old enough to make my own decisions, I rejected Christianity and all forms of religion. It was important for me to experience what God means for me. Meditation was my teacher. It was through meditation that I was able to explore the nature of Being. Through meditation, I was able to see beyond the veil. I only believe in God because I've seen HIM. I have experienced myself merged in with the Light when I lost all sense of my sense of self but experienced myself as the One "I". It was only after I could "see" that I started reading various Scriptures again and I found teachings that were confirming my sight. I can now constantly see the Light in all. My faith is, therefore, based on my seeing.

Faith in the Light changed my mind about smoking. I knew that the Light is not only who I am but the Light is life. I reasoned that since I know Light is in all and occupies all space, this must mean that Light is in cigarettes. Since the Light is my life, why am I bothered about people smoking? I stopped worrying about passive-smoking. Reminds me of an experience I had a while back:

As I was crossing a road I said hello to a fellow pedestrian. He asked me if I wanted a cigarette. I thanked him but declined. I saw a warning on the case: "SMOKING KILLS."

"I see you're not paying any attention to the warning then?"
"That's because it means 'smoking kills other people.'"

I wonder if he was also a seer.

I've applied the Light in all principle to food products. I stopped paying any attention to what nutrition experts, who can't agree on anything, had to say about diets. I am free to eat what I like without judgment.

While I was coming to a new conclusion about smoking and eating habits, that part of me that is Non-Judgment accepted me regardless. Even if I decided that the reason why I'm not bothered about smoking is because I am a green monster from planet Xooneth, I would still accept myself. Because I accept who I am, I give others the freedom to be in any way they choose.

Despite the fact that I know smoking has no impact, I still prefer being in a smoke-free environment because I like my clothes to smell smoke-free. Having said that, I had an interesting experience a while back which challenges this view. While I was in the coffee section of the bookshop, a woman accidentally spilled a cup of Cappuccino on my boots and jacket. She apologised and I told her not to worry about it. I wiped the mess off with some napkins. I thought my jacket and suede boots would have marks on them and figure I would clean them properly when I got home. At home I noticed there was no evidence of the spillage on my jacket or boots. It was as if it never happened. So I know it is possible to be among smokers and leave without any evidence of smoking, I just have to accept that possibility.

Non-judgment gives me the freedom to be myself in the infinite ways of being.


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